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Beiter Symmetric Hunter Nocks

BEITER HUNTER NOCK - designed for use with Compound D-Loops:

The axle to axle lengths of compound bows are becoming ever shorter and a lot of archers are now using D-Loops.

The Beiter "Standard" Nock is asymmetric and fits the string angle of all common bows, which are all drawn under the nock: therefore the reason why the Beiter Nock is asymmetric.

But with a D-Loop you draw the bow exactly in the axis of the arrow, that means you can shoot a symmetric nock.

Beiter now offer the Symmetric Hunter Nock, which like all the other Beiter Nocks is made out of a single cavity and allows the lowest tolerances on the market.

Stocked Colours:

#10 RedXYES
#20 GreenXYES
#30 OrangeXX
#61 BlackXYES
#71 WhiteXX
#21 Heavy YellowYESYES
#35 Heavy OrangeYESYES
#57 Heavy GreenYESYES
#89 Heavy PinkXX

For the Indoor season, Beiter now offer the Hunter Nock #2 for Direct Insert (without bushing!) in the following sizes:

  • 2213 Hunter
  • 2216 Hunter
  • 2312 Hunter
  • 2314 Hunter
  • 2315 Hunter

We keep 2314 Hunter and 2315 Hunter nocks in stock in red colour only due to the limited demand.

The bushing on the arrow shaft can easily be cut with an arrow cutting tool about 1cm from the shaft end. Thanks to the direct insert of the nock, tolerances are reduced to a minimum.

Information supplied courtesy of Beiter...