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Beiter 1960 Nock - size 1 - SALE






Alternative Services Stock status: Available whilst stocks last.

Description: CLEARANCE SALE - Beiter 1960 nocks only fit the discontinued Carbon Tech 196 shafts. This is the small groove size model.

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Further Information

Beiter 1960 Nocks

red, green, orange, clear heavy orange, white

CLEARANCE SALE! - This model is being phased out in store.

The Beiter 1960 nock size/model will fit the Carbon Tech 196 shafts.

Beiter nocks are perhaps the best known manufacturers of nocks on the planet.

Their selection is vast. The number of colour options is huge.

The quality is unparalleled because all Beiter nocks of one size are manufactured in one single mould. This means you get the smallest tolerance between nocks!

Stocked Colours:

#10 RedYESX
#20 GreenLimited stocksYES
#30 OrangeYESYES
#40 BlueXX
#61 BlackYESYES
#71 WhiteYESYES
#51 Dark GreenXX
#48 Dark BlueYESX
#80 VioletXYES
#01 ClearXX
#21 Heavy YellowXX
#35 Heavy OrangeXX
#57 Heavy GreenXX
#89 Heavy PinkXX
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