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Gold Tip NINE.3 Pin (doz)

Gold Tip NINE.3 Pin (doz)

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Description: Nock Bushings for the Gold Tip NINE.3 series shafts. Accepts industry standard pin nocks as well as the Gold Tip HD Pin Nocks and Gold Tip Pin Nocks. Pack of 12.

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Gold Tip

Gold Tip NINE.3 Nock Pin Bushing

The Gold Tip NINE.3 series shafts have multiple component offerings. If pin style nocks are your preferred choice then select these Nock Pin Bushings.

Accepts the standard GT Pin Nock or Gold Tip HD Pin Nock or any industry standard pin nocks.

Mass weight: 15.5 grains

Available in store in packs of 12.

Gold Tip NINE.3 Nock Pin Bushing
NINE.3 components
Information provided courtesy of Gold Tip. Photos by Alternative Services.

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