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Carbon Tech Cheetah Point Inserts (doz)


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Description: Using these inserts you can attach industry standard screw-in field points or broadheads to your Carbon Tech Cheetah shafts. These items are NOT required for regular CT Cheetah Target Points. Packet contains 12 pieces.

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Further Information

CT CT Cheetah

CT Cheetah 3D

Carbon Tech's thin walled all-carbon shaft is one of the fastest and lightest shafts available today. CT Cheetah shafts are more durable than the rest of the field of light weight, all-carbon shafts and is without question the most accurate.

Pushing the five grains per pound IBO rules, just add the proper F.O.C. (Front of Center) and not only will you get the correct weight requirement, you will also have a better grouping arrow in calm or windy situations.

Using Carbon Tech's proprietary Mulit-Directional Carbon Layered Design, you get a full dozen arrows that group as one. With seamless wrapping, you get from 4 wraps to 6 depending upon the size of the arrow.

The Cheetah offers the lightest spined arrow for women and men with short draws and kids, which gives you an excellent tune and tremendous speed.

CT Cheetah shafts are available in two models; 3D and Hunter.

The differences are between their straightness tolerances...

  • 3D: +/-.0015in (yellow printing)

  • Hunter: +/-.005in (white printing)

    The Cheetah range accepts internal fitting components

  • Shaft/SizeOutside
    at 28in
    at 28in
    Cheetah 3D 6500.2740.2435.30.650+/-.005+/-.0015
    Cheetah 3D 5250.2820.2436.10.500+/-.005+/-.0015
    Cheetah 3D 4000.2840.2436.40.400+/-.005+/-.0015
    Cheetah 3D 3000.2940.2437.9/td>0.300+/-.005+/-.0015

    at 28in
    at 28in
    Cheetah Hunter 25/500.2740.2435.30.650+/-.005+/-.005
    Cheetah Hunter 35/600.2820.2436.10.500+/-.005+/-.005
    Cheetah Hunter 45/700.2840.2436.40.400+/-.005+/-.005

    Cheetah Target Point System

    CT Cheetah Target Point System

    This is new for 2006 and is the default points system for the CT Cheetah range of shafts.

    Light weight and the most accurate target point system. This model is unique to the Cheetah shaft. System comes with 10gn and 20gn weight modules so you can increase the 70gn point to max 100gn.

    Weight modules simply screw into the back end of the point with a standard hex wrench.

    System comes with 12 pieces of each part; 70gn point, 20gn weight module, 10gn weight module.

    On-Target Points for Cheetah

    Cheetah On-Target Points - 85gns
    Cheetah On-Target Points - 85gns

    Cheetah On-Target Points - 100gns
    Cheetah On-Target Points - 100gns

    Designed and produced by the On-Target Points company to specifically to fit the Carbon Tech Cheetah range of shafts.

    The tightest grouping points.

    On-Target Points are manufactured to the tightest weight tolerances in the industry and will outperform any other point in accuracy and consistency, shot after shot.

    The solid one piece design with an almost 2 inch long solid insert extending into the arrow shaft results in flatter slight and more consistency than traditional glue-in points.

    These points are made of a high grade aluminium alloy and are of a patent pending design

    • One piece design
    • Models:
      • 85gns
      • 100gns
    • Sold in packs of 12 pieces

    McKinney Nock Adapter for Cheetah

    CT McKinney Nock Adapter for Cheetah
    CT McKinney Nock Adapter for Cheetah - close-up

    The CT Cheetah range of shafts are sold with Bohning Signature Nocks. However, Carbon Tech have identified a demand for the use of their excellent McKinney Pin Nocks with these shafts.

    With this in mind, Carbon Tech have launched the McKinney Nock Adapter for Cheetah.

    The nock adapter uses the McKinney nock for superb accuracy.

    Note the spiral groove that allows the nocks to twist on and off and hold their position.

    This model is unique to the Cheetah range of shafts.

    Weight: 12.1gns

    Sold in dozen quantities.

    Official Carbon Tech Catalogue 2008 (PDF)

    Information provided courtesy of Carbon Tech.

    Advice and technical information...
    Carbon Tech Hunter Selection Chart

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